Hypebeast Visits: Sean Brown's Whimsical Curves Showroom

“The extra that I begin going by means of data and album paintings, it begins to grow to be about how I can take this type of media that I grew up with and create one thing fully new,” Sean Brown — furnishings designer and the most recent topic of Hypebeast Visits — says. It’s a easy and clear system that the founder has adopted when establishing his inventive entities Curves by Sean Brown and Hypatia — the previous of which relies on turning hip hop nostalgia into house items whereas the latter is an architectural design agency that focuses on house making and curation.

Brown began to generate noise on the earth of design for his album-inspired rugs, a few of which referenced culture-shifting data reminiscent of Ye‘s My Lovely Darkish Twisted Fantasy, Sade‘s Love Deluxe, Jay-Z‘s Vol. 3… Life and Instances of S. Carter and extra. And since then, he’s expanded his wings into different classes of furnishings design reminiscent of making ceramic piggy banks that draw from retro Nike shoe bins, inflatable chairs, puddle mirrors and extra. “All of us acknowledge the label that’s on a shoe field,” Brown tells Hypebeast. “That’s the sort of factor that I’m fascinated with, how are you going to say so much with saying just a little?”

The adaptive and personable Curves founder confirmed us round his whimsical Toronto showroom and mentioned every little thing from how he began designing, his favourite cultural references, his ambitions throughout the world of house and extra. Watch the complete video above to study their full story.

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